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Collection: Running / Triathlon / Performance

Training Plan, Running Technique, Monitoring Athletes from A to Z (Training, recovery, nutrition…), develop Max Strength, Power.

Romain Chevalier will be your coach. He has developed a 5 sessions method to improve your Running Technique. The goal is to run better to run faster, longer and pain free. On top, he developed, and selected the most efficient strength training exercise for runners / cyclers / swimmers to support triathletes so he also does strength training session specific for triathletes. Swimming sessions will be conducted on demand by Tony Bourgoin from Swimming Bangkok, already famous for his effective methodology​

Romain used to be a player in the pre-elite Rugby League for 8 years in France, he has now transitioned into an endurance athlete for the past 4 years. He has been participating in trail runs and triathlons, always performing in the top 15 in Thailand. He decided to fully focus on his passion, training clients, helping them to reach their goals and/or competing in endurance races at the highest possible level.

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