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Collection: Personal Training

Strength Training, Weight Loss, Muscle Gain, Shaping, Re-Hab

Romain Chevalier will be your coach. He uses a lot of Body Weight exercises, elastic band, TRX, balance exercise… He is ensuring that you can move your own weight properly before loading your movement with extra weight. The outcome of this method is to make you stronger and injury free on the long term. He mixes Strength Training with his knowledges in Pilates to make you move proficiently, increase your mobility and stability and ensure a proper stretching to improve your recovery. 

Romain used to be a player in the pre-elite Rugby League for 8 years in France, he has now transitioned into an endurance athlete for the past 4 years. He has been participating in trail runs and triathlons, always performing in the top 15 in Thailand. He decided to fully focus on his passion, training clients, helping them to reach their goals and/or competing in endurance races at the highest possible level.

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